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Light Bars for Trucks

Priden stock and source a wide variety of truck light bars for all applications, featuring top quality truck lighting products from top manufacturers with a range of fitting options for every make and model of vehicle.

Whether you are looking for truck light bars, top light bars, truck perimeter lighting, spot lights for trucks, beacon bars or a customised solution, Priden can accommodate your requirements.

Truck Lighting for every situation

Light bars of various types serve a range of purposes from improved visibility of your vehicle on the road to practical truck lighting to help you work in the dark. But the look of your truck lights is important too, of course, and our engineers will work with you to ensure that the light bars you have chosen will meet your practical and aesthetic needs perfectly.

Priden also offer and fit air horns and many other additional accessories to suit all manufacturers and models of vehicle.

Truck Light Bars and Perimeter Lighting

We currently stock and fit a number of top truck lighting manufacturers’ products such as Kelsa light bars, Bailey lighting, and Viking lights. Even if we don’t have a particular item in stock, we will still be able to accommodate your requirements.

Priden want to give owners and operators maximum choice with minimum hassle; all from under one roof. So whether you are looking for LED perimeter lighting or Hella spotlights for your truck, or if you want to fit air horns, cab lighting or something completely different, call us today on 01945 588 476 to discuss how Priden can help.

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