About us

Leading the country’s engineering

Priden is one of the leading engineering companies in the country which has the knowledge and skillset to deliver solutions for any project across an array of manufacturing spectrums.

Priden was established almost three decades ago in 1988 at its current site in Algores Way, Wisbech. In the early years, it predominantly served the road transport industry animal feed sector and stainless steel fabrication.


Our founders: Les Walker, Ivan Moden and Colin Prior, were all the leading experts in their field and were the team who designed and created the revolutionary self-loading bulk-blowing system, which was even featured on Tomorrow’s World and is still used by many farmers and hauliers today.

Priden’s ability to consistently provide innovative engineering solutions to any request from any industry, meant the company’s reputation to deliver unique quality products quickly grew and along with it, so did our services and factories.

The best in the business

Today the company boasts four factories situated on more than four acres and a 100-strong workforce which consists of some of the best engineers in the business. They work alongside our project managers and designers to deliver a complete service from consultancy, through to design and build.

We serve across a host of sectors including Pneumatic Vehicles, Commercial Bodies, Truck and Bus, Food Industrial Engineering and even Financial Services and we are proud to be registered with the VCA for type approval.

As well as providing bespoke designs, which we can deliver from concept and build, we also as a matter of course offer follow-up servicing – at Priden we literally are with you every step of the way.

And because of this elite service, many of our customers, some of the biggest names in the industry, have remained with us from day one.

The future

Now Priden is set to expand further, new divisions have been established and the company is already branching out into an array of exciting new markets.

Our mantra is to never stay still we are constantly pushing to improve processes, products and services to ensure we consistently meet or exceed our customer requirements.