Beavertail Truck Bodies

At Priden we can manufacture a wide range of beavertail bodies which we will guarantee can suit any of your commercial vehicle requirements. The bodies can be created in a variety of sizes to suit chassis from 3.5 tonnes right up to 32 tonne heavy duty applications.

Our highly-experienced engineer and design teams can create full alloy lightweight construction up to the heavy duty steel beavertails, and they are all built to suit your individual requirements.

Bespoke options and extras

We also offer a wide range of ramp options, including full alloy detachable ramps, spring assisted, flip toe, single full width, cheese wedge or stand up ramps. manual, fully hydraulic or even spring assisted. And all types of ramp finishes are available from hardwood, expanding mesh, angle, special punched sheet or a combination.

The beavertail bodies can be outrigged from the subframe to allow a lower floor height than standard builds. Plus we offer all the added extras from electric or hydraulic winches to side safety systems which are fitted and manufactured to meet each individual customer’s needs.

A complete service

At Priden, we offer a one-stop shop for all your commercial vehicle needs. So, whether you require crane fit, testing and servicing, alloy toolboxes, paint, sign writing and light bars we can provide it all at our site. And by providing a complete service all under the one roof we can help to reduce the need for costly vehicle movements and extended build times.

We pride ourselves on quality and offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on our commercial vehicle bodies. Suppliers warranty applies to such items as winches cranes etc. …and we are a VCA registered company.


Let us help you find a solution

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