Crane Fits

Truck Mounted Crane Fits

At Priden we can turn our hands to just about anything for the commercial vehicle sector, including  providing a full crane and installation service. Our team of experts at Priden have decades of experience within the industry and  we proud to be  the regional sales, service and repair agents for FASSI UK. As well as this we have also provided fittings for other leading manufacturers. So if you are looking for a crane to mount on your commercial vehicle, at Priden we can do it all under one roof.

We can supply, fit, service test and repair any size of crane from a small body mount of 500kg lift to a monster 100 tonne/m plant crane. We are also VCA registered and can offer full Type Approval for all our products.

Our design teams do a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes calculating the right dimensions and weights and work direct with Trailer Win and the manufacturers and chassis suppliers. So if you require a mounted crane to be installed or just want to find out more about this particular commercial vehicle service then give our teams a call.

Working direct with our customer and understanding that each and everyone’s requirement is different, is why Priden is a leading firm in its field. We have the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to find the right solution for you, each and every time. This we can guarantee.


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