Curtain Sider

Curtainside bodies

At Priden we are proud to offer a wide-range of excellent services  and products within our Commercial Bodies division. Among the services available is curtainside bodies and we manufacture an array to suit a variety of commercial vehicles. It goes without saying that all of Priden’s curtainside bodies are manufactured to the highest possible standard and  every one is carefully and meticulously built to each customer’s specific requirements.

Our bodies are designed and manufactured by our team of expert engineers and designers who between them benefit from more than 50 years experience within the transport industry.

We offer lightweight alloy solutions or standard steel bodies with painted or galvanised finish. We are proud to provide a wide range of options from one-off special builds including beavertail curtains, glass carrying bodies, sliding tilt covers or standard distribution bodies.

We can also design and build various types of racking systems, split deck and loading solutions. Several curtain sider options include stainless steel over centre buckles, smooth side curtains and load restraint systems. Our overhead load restraint system can be supplied in various ways with nets or straps and can be fitted to both new and existing bodies.

Plus various types of rear closures are available including barn doors, shutters, curtains and cantilever tail lifts. All makes of air management equipment fitted.

We also offer tandem and tri-axle drawbar trailers, tail lifts and rear mount fork trucks. All makes of tail lifts are fitted, tested and repaired. We pride ourselves on our quality  and offer a two year manufacturer’s warranty on our commercial vehicle bodies.

Suppliers warranty applies to such items as tail lifts.

We are also a VCA registered company.


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