Tail Lifts

Tail lift service, fit and repair

We offer a unique range of services for a whole spectrum of commercial vehicle needs. Our teams have been experts in the field for decades and as such our experience cannot be beaten.

For anyone looking for a truck tail lift, we have it covered. All makes of tail lifts can be supplied fitted, service and even repaired. So, no matter what you require for your commercial vehicle at Priden we are confident we can design and build it, on time and to the highest specification.

So, whether you require a column, tuck away, dump over or even a cantilever we can fit them all.  And what’s more, we can ensure that they are specifically tailored to meet any kind of vehicle.

We also offer a wide choice in platform widths and lengths, because we know it isn’t a case of one size fits all. If you are looking for a lift solution for your vehicle, here at Priden we are confident that by working with our team of engineers and designers we will also be able to find the perfect lift to suit your needs. Plus don’t forget, it’s not just lifts that we offer. Our range of commercial vehicle services stretch across a whole scale, with everything from crane fits to CBV front windows, to drop sides, platforms and even beaver tails.

We also offer servicing, financial services, maintenance, bespoke builds and repairs. Please give our team a call to find out what Priden is able to offer.



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