Over the years, Priden has gained an excellent and deserved reputation for designing and manufacturing bespoke food conveyor systems to the highest possible standards.

Our expertise has been harnessed through years of working with the food industries to develop the latest innovative and hi-tech food grade conveyor systems and packing tables. We only use the highest-quality stainless steel and Delrin (a food grade polymer) to produce conveyor equipment as it is perfectly suited for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, and are constantly designing and building bespoke one-off conveyors to meet their specialist requirements. Plus we also ensure that all our food conveyor systems are created in a way so that they are easy to use, and clean down, an essential requirement for any health and safety standards.

Rest assured no matter how small, large or diverse the application, Priden will design and manufacture a bespoke stainless steel conveyor system that will not only solve your production problems but also will be reliable , robust and hard-wearing for years to come.

Our specialist food engineering team also offer a wide range of specialist products such as:

  • Bag levelling conveyors
  • Pouch squeezing conveyors
  • Jig conveyors
  • Trimming, and packing systems
  • Flume and pump conveying
  • Automated distribution conveyors
  • Overhead chain conveyor systems
  • Integrated weigh cell conveyor systems
  • Stainless steel and mild steel construction
  • PU, PVC, rubber, steel, chain and wire belt systems

Food hygiene is at the foremost of all our designs and we are fully aware of the importance of meeting strict health and safety standards for the food industry and the environments in which our conveyors and food packaging machines will be working.

So rest assured our designs always incorporate a method for easy and effective wash down.


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