In–line pipe metal detection

In Line Pipe Metal Detection

Priden have designed and developed a stainless steel system for the checking of inline metal detectors. Some systems operating today require the metal detector being tested every 30 minutes, sometimes more frequent. This would mean stopping the process, dismantling pipework and using a wand to verify the reject system is working. The auto system from Priden allows full testing whilst the line is still in production.

A metal detectable ball is introduced into the line from the ball station and should be detected by the metal detector where the reject system should open and the ball is then recovered. If the reject system failed, the ball would carry on and be arrested at the finger stop station. The ball can be then removed without halting the production, via a manual 3 way valve.

Priden also manufacture their own design of adjustable Pressure Relief Valves specifically for food pipelines.



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