Mixing Vessels

Paddle Mixers And Industrial Mixing Tank

Among the wide range of products which we can design and manufacture at Priden is the popular industrial mixing tanks and paddle mixers. Our mixers are used by a large number of leading names in the industry – who have benefited from individual bespoke designs which suit their specific requirements.

You can rest assured that all of Priden’s paddle mixer tanks are designed and built to the highest industry standards and can be used in an array of ways especially for food producers. Our precision designed drum and paddle mixers are perfect for mixing powers or pastes, grains or granules, and can be made in a wide range of sizes.

Whether you’re looking for a single bladed paddle mixer or a twin paddle mixer to blend dry goods, Priden can build whatever you require. Mixers are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained.

At Priden we are proud to be able to design mixing tanks and agitators in a multitude of different configurations which include:

  • Cylindrical or rectangular construction
  • Industrial mixers
  • Paddle mixers
  • Drum mixers
  • Propeller or side sweep agitation
  • Insulation jackets with integrated heating/cooling systems

Outstanding stainless steel mixing tank build quality from Priden

Priden utilise the very latest computer technology to aid us when designing our mixing tanks.

Our reputation within the industry, is built upon giving our customers the best quality products designed for ease of operation, minimal servicing and maintenance and which maintain a long, productive life.

You can rest assured that your Priden industrial mixer will give you years of reliable service.



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