Packing Stations

Packing Benches And Packing Tables

Whether you need a packing bench or a packing table, Priden can design and manufacture an ergonomically efficient solution for your business.

At Priden, we utilise the very latest computer technology to design and build our stainless steel packing tables and packing benches. We are proud to have built up our reputation in the industry as experts in this field, as a result of years of hard work and great customer service.

Our customers, many of them who are leading names in the industry, trust us to deliver the best quality products designed for ease of operation, safety, and a long, productive life.

Our scope for producing benches and tables is vast, and we can include re-locatable packing workstations, accumulator tracks or inspection systems in the overall design, ensuring that it is a truly bespoke product that meets all your requirements.

Our packing tables are perfect for use in such situations as product assembly or catalogue sales. What’s more, these can be configured to work with our rotary packing tables to provide a seamless packing solution.

We are able to build any form of packing station to fit your needs, including:

  • Packing benches
  • Packing tables
  • Rotary packing tables
  • Industrial packing tables

With so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Why not call us to discuss how we can help design the packing station you need?

We offer outstanding packing station build quality and you can rest assured that safety is paramount when it comes to our products.


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