Hydraulic Tippers


Priden manufacture a range of standard tippers and also bespoke applications.

All tippers are manufactured from stainless steel. Hydraulic or air operated tippers are available. Hydraulic tippers utilise food grade oil and have stainless steel cylinders.

Tippers for Dolav bins, Euro bins, pallet, barrels and drums have all been successfully manufactured. Interlocked safety cages can be manufactured to suit where necessary. Bin lifters can also be included in the design to take the bin to a different level.

Priden Engineering have been manufacturing stainless tipping systems for many years. Whilst some of the tippers are standard pieces of equipment, many bespoke tippers ar designed exclusively for the customer. Our range of tippers cater for Eurobins, Dolav bins and barrels.

Tipping drives can either be by motor gearbox, pneumatic or hydraulic. Hydraulic bin tippers utilise stainless steel hydraulic cylinders and operate with food grade oil.

The tippers can also be designed to lift as well as tip. Where necessary guarding such as cages, fully safety interlocked are provided. Audible and visual indicators are often specified. Our bespoke tippers would be tested and certified with a safe working load and legend plates attached to the machine.

Tippers can have a variety of discharge chutes attached and can be arranged with smooth progressive discharges. The tippers are available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation.


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