Steel Walkways And Catwalks

At Priden we offer a wide-range of metal walkways to suit a host of bespoke requirements.

All our walkways can be individually designed and manufactured to the highest possible safety standards.

We know that each and every client has a different requirement and we work hard to make sure we offer the exact metal walkway that will suit their every needs.

On all our designs we use the latest computer technology to design and build a customised catwalk or walkway fo that is both durable and robust and above all safe.

We consistently manufacture our steel walkways for strength and durability avoiding the typical floor “bounce” as seen in other systems.

And you don’t have to take our word for it, we have customers all over the UK who return again and again for our service and our steel walkways have also been manufactured and installed in a number of locations across Europe.

Combined with our walkway mesh, our access walkways and catwalks are fabricated to the highest specifications and offer safe and secure long-term access to any number of locations.

They can be designed with stairs with non slip treads or ladders with back hoops depending on application and location.

Depending on the environment, we can offer steel walkways with either solid or mesh floors making them ideal for use for a variety of workplaces and purposes.

Whether you need a catwalk to access a building, a roof walkway with canopy, or access walkway to pass over machinery, we have the ideal solution for you.

Give our teams a call to find out more about the wide range of walkways we produce.


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