Washing / Drying Production Lines

Washing/Drying Production Lines


Priden manufacture a range of bespoke washing and drying production lines in stainless steel. These include flumes where product is transferred with water to gently convey and wash produce. Chemicals can be added and a full recirculation filtration system can be included. Dewatering with vibrating screens are often included. 

Dryers including air knifes can be installed over conveyors to dry the washed produce. All this can take the form of a complete line designed to fit available factory space.

Production Lines

We can design and manufacture as a turnkey project a full production line. Whether this is for vegetables, ready meals snacks or non-food stuffs. We can provide filling, lidding, capping, denesting, weighing, bagging, metal detection, check weigh, labelling and packing.

Conveyors can be chain and peg modular, slatband or flat PU. All are designed for easy clean and hygiene.


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