Pneumatic Vehicles

Priden is one of the leading engineering companies in the country boasting the knowledge and skillset to deliver solutions for any project across an array of a manufacturing spectrums.

We are proud to still be the chief supplier of blowing equipment to the animal feed sector.

This is because our knowledge in this sector is unrivalled and is a result of our decades of working solely in this field serving all the major fleet operators.

Two of our founders: Les Walker and Ivan Moden were the leading experts in the pneumatic industry and they designed and created the revolutionary self-loading bulk-blowing system which is still used today.

When it comes to pneumatic vehicles there isn’t anything we don’t know and can’t deliver.

Our goal is to provide the best quality engineering service to the road transport industry, so whether it’s designing and building bespoke blowing equipment, providing maintenance, service and repair work, our teams have it covered.

Time and time again, we deliver a range of bodywork, pneumatic discharge equipment and tipping equipment which can be built and fitted to meet any individual customer requirement.

We can provide demonstrations to you, our customer’s on-site and promise to give first-hand trusted advice and feedback on the wide-ranging variety of pneumatic combinations which Priden now offers.

We are constantly innovating and our teams work tirelessly to find an engineering solution to any request sent our way.

We were founded by innovators and we are always raising the bar to create faster and efficient products.

Priden also has a range of exciting new pneumatic products currently being developed, so give us a call to find out why we are the best at what we do.

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