Part Exchange


Among the many new services which we offer at Priden is the opportunity to now offer Part Exchange on trailers. So if you are considering a part exchange on your vehicle, give our teams a call and they can make a valuation.

Our expert teams can evaluate the condition, history and the appearance of the vehicle and then give an honest valuation price. We are happy to talk you through all the factors which enabled to reach our final price conclusion.

And if you have any outstanding finance on the trailer, there’s no need to worry  we can take care of that for you and put the difference as the deposit on your new Priden Trailer. Then all you need to do is simply hook up and drive away with your new Bulk Blower with a smile on your face.

Please note that a second valuation may be required to re-evaluate the condition of the part exchange closer to collection if you choose to keep the vehicle until collection.


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