Truck and trailer parts

At Priden we know how important it is to keep your vehicle on the road, and that any unforeseen downtime is kept to the absolute minimum. This is why, as well as stocking all the essentials you need for your bulk blowing vehicles we will also provide an overnight or next day delivery service.

Getting you back on the road is our number one priority. Our highly-skilled engineers produce only the best in quality parts, which provide ultimate performance, endurance and safety.

All our parts are exceptionally good value, without compromising on quality. We have a team of experts on hand to work with you to establish what items you need, and more importantly they will work round the clock to get them to you as quickly as possible. We can offer service exchange on almost all major parts – for example feeders and blowers. And you can rest assured that all our service exchange parts are of the same high-standard and premium quality as any brand-new equivalent.

The list of items we stock include:

  • Body parts
  • Consumables
  • Engine parts
  • Pneumatic parts
  • Filtration parts
  • Fuel parts
  • Accessories
  • Air products

But if your broken part can be repaired – then we will do that instead. Our engineers can repair many major parts on your vehicle. So if a repair service is the right one for you, then are teams are only too happy to help.

Our range of accessories is wide-reaching and we can provide anything from replacement caps through to lightbars and in-cab accessories such as fridges, microwaves, ovens, digital TVS and CB Radios. (Hyperlink to in cab-accessories page?)


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