Pneumatic Systems

Discharging pneumatic systems

At Priden we offer a wide range of pneumatic systems that can be used to discharge a host of different products. Our systems can be used when discharging the following:

  • Animal feed
  • Coal
  • Biofuels
  • Pet Bedding

These systems are available as static units, skids, truck mounted and trailer mounted options. A full choice of blower equipment is offered, which together with low noise levels, achieve the most effective performance. These systems can be engine-driven via a PTO or hydraulic driven, via a motor.

Additional features of a Priden Pneumatic System:

Inlet and outlet silencers are fitted to all bulk animal feed blowers, as are inlet filters and pressure relief and non-return valves. Tachometer and engine-hand throttle controls are positioned inside the bulk blower truck’s cab.

We offer two types of rotary valve; the drop-through and the semi-blow-through. All castings are of premium quality iron with rotors fabricated from mild steel. The valve is designed with outrigged self-aligning sealed bearings, and all internal surfaces are machined to close tolerances, ensuring minimum air leakage.

On the trailer and rigid units, a full-width auger is fitted within a close tolerance to the trough, with all flow plates and angles carefully arranged to ensure a clean as discharge as possible. The auger is directly driven by a low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor. We can also offer auger-less bodies with large flow plates manufactured in the rear of the body. The void this creates can be utilised for hose storage, which is ideal for free-flowing products – also minimising the risk of product degradation.

Our standard system employs a PTO pump that supplies oil to drive the auger, rotary valve motors and a rotary valve slide ram. Our systems also feature easy-to-use controls, a twin spool selector valve with a detent for rotary valve control. Spring return to neutral for hydraulic slide positioning are used on truck and trailer options. The system is specifically designed to allow independent variable speed selection on both rotary valve and auger.

Health and Safety is a key – trailers and Rigid’s feature a coded electronic rear door automatic cut-off valve which is fitted to protect the operator from injury when opening the tail door. We fit an air pressure gauge mounted in the control panel at the rear of the vehicle, housed in an illuminated weatherproof control box.

Pipework can be supplied as 5” or 4” depending on requirements – this is available in stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised mild steel.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored specifications to your requirements
  • Built with safety at the forefront of our minds
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Minimum downtime
  • 29 years of research & development to offer the very best pneumatic systems available.


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