Self Loading Vehicles

Self-Loading Vehicles

Self-loading equipment (Sucker/Blower) is a vital tool in the animal feed and biofuels industry. 

The unique equipment means that operators can not only discharge product with this system,  but they can also self-load the product – either back into the body, into another bin or alternatively into another vehicle.

Self-loading systems fitted to rigid or trailer bodies have a full-length loading pipe down the centre of the body. Air operated valves are situated in each compartment enabling the operator to chose which compartment to fill.

There are two main systems available, a self-contained system with the vacuum compartment built as an integral part of the body or a fully demountable system which is located at the rear of the vehicle and can be easily de-mounted when not required.

The self-loading equipment can also be incorporated into static units, farm trailers and hook lift systems to offer you full flexibility for your individual needs.


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