Specialist Pneumatic Equipment

Special Pneumatic Truck Equipment

At Priden, we are proud to be the leading UK supplier of blowing equipment to the animal feed sector. Our knowledge is unrivalled and is a result of decades working solely in this field serving all the major fleet operators.

As a result our team of engineers and designers can offer a bespoke range of specialist pneumatic equipment for a range of different sectors.

You’ll be surprised at just what we can do.

Static Discharge Units:

Static units can be built to customers’ own specifications to allow discharge of product using either a donkey engine or propshaft driven from a tractor power take-off shaft.

Fish Feeding Discharge Units:

Discharge units can be built to individual requirements and allow fish pellets to be discharged directly from the boat to the feed hoppers. These units can be driven by a donkey engine or hydraulically driven from a pump fitted to the boat’s engine. All steel work is galvanised and a hopper manufactured from aluminium to ensure longevity.

Straight Tippers:

A wide range of planksider and monocoque body designs can be offered to suit most rigid vehicles and tipping trailers, with each body and trailer designed and built to meet individual requirements.

Tractor Units:

Tractor units can be fitted with all types of blower or compressor for operation at 1 bar, 1.5 bar or 2 bar depending upon application. Priden can fit the complete package with acoustic panels to ensure minimum discharge noise and with the power take-off carefully matched to the vehicle, ensuring optimum discharge and reliability. Priden also offer a full range of Wet Kit applications.

Horizontal Discharge:

With tipping stability always a problem, we can offer a choice of steel or aluminium ejector bodies. The trailer will be designed and manufactured to meet your individual requirements.


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