Woodchip / Bio Fuel Solutions

Woodchip Blower Trailers

At Priden we offer everything you need for either the transportation or delivery of wood chip – which is predominately used for biofuels.

Our talented team of engineers and designers have created a flawless rotary valve which is so precise it can discharge wood chip which is just 10mm to 15mm in size. The valve is also the only one of its kind that has a discharge rate of just under four minutes a tonne. Based on this design, our team have been able to further develop a rotary valve which can discharge even larger woodchip/pellets up to 60mm in size and all with similar discharge rates.

Priden is able to offer this high-speed system because it uses a 6″ (152mm) discharge pipe utilising a positive displacement blower. When based on a trailer the blower is driven by a donkey engine or it can be hydraulically driven, if it’s used on a rigid it can be driven by a suitable power take off from the gearbox via a propshaft.

Key Points:

  • The valve is designed with heavy duty self aligning sealed bearings
  • All internal surfaces of the valve are machined to fine tolerances ensuring minimum air leakage
  • The blades of the rotor are angled to ensure smooth operation and this in turn reduces the possibility of blockages
  • The wood chip rotary valve can be utilised on tipping or non tipping vehicles alike
  • The rotary valve is our own drop-through design and the case and rotor are manufactured from mild steel in our own purpose built machine shop

Dust Extraction System

At Priden we are continually innovating to design and make products which can help make our customer’s lives easier and recently we have developed a new dust extraction system. The system is specifically designed for wood pellet blowers  and it allows variable speed without the need for an external power source.

This is because the system is hydraulically driven from the vehicle’s own pump. The filter bag has been designed for easy cleaning with a detachable bag and zip up filter, it is housed in an aluminium box to ensure that it will be kept dry at all times. As part of the system we include a vacuum gauge to ensure the fan is always running at its optimum speed.

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