Zero T

Optimum safety

The Priden ZERO-T is one of the safest delivery systems on the market. It features our trademark electronic rear door cut off system, which will automatically cut power to the rear feeder and moving parts if the door is opened during operation – ensuring driver safety at all times.

The ZERO-T eradicates the need for tipping – as the ZERO-T doesn’t need to tip at all. This key feature allows the driver to deliver in high winds, under overhead cables and in buildings where tipping vehicles are unable to reach. The stability of the vehicle means that inclines are no longer an issue either. Without the risk of the trailer toppling over, the non-tip can deliver on almost any ground type.

An electric steer reduces the need for drivers to climb catwalks, enabling them to remain grounded at all times. This reduces the need of working at height and the risk of falls.

The Priden ZERO-T also features a master override switch which prevents any accidental product overload on the belt.

Wider delivery belt

The belt is wider than the other conveyor style bulk blowers on the market. The wider belt means that we have a greater flow of product into the feeder and a much faster discharge time on return loads where no blowing function is required.

Increased blowing performance

The Priden ZERO-T features 5” pipework – in addition, the strategic routing means that there are no 90 degree bends between the blower and the feeder. This innovative thinking signifcantly reduces backpressure and increases air efficiency of the system.

The central discharge point at the rear of the trailer also reduces bends and again any back pressure. It is for this reason that we feel that this is the most efficient product we have ever produced.


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Shhhhhh… it’s oh so quiet

Due to the pipework, the new silencers and the non-tip body, this is the quietest trailer we have manufactured to date. This will allow for increased running time in built up areas, where drivers can deliver later into the evening.

Pneumatic gate system

The 7 compartments feature 2 x pneumatic gates that open and close via a control panel on the o side of the chassis. The operator is unable to open more than one gate at a time ensuring that the belt can never become overloaded. Gates have to be closed before the next can be opened.

The advantages of a pneumatic gate system over a hydraulic system ensure that there can be no contamination of product via oil leaks or burst hoses. So, in the event of a system failure or damage, your load will not be compromised, ensuring costs are kept to a minimum.

7 independent compartments

7 compartments ensure that you have versatility when delivering. Planners now have the versatility to change routes once the trailer is loaded as any compartment can be opened in any order.

Increased maneuverability

Twin VSE electric rear steer system ensures that the longer trailer is not a problem – the ZERO-T just loves tight spaces! …and to make the trailer even more manoeuvrable, we offer a remote control to ensure you and the ZERO-T exploit the smallest of spaces.


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