Hydraulic Oil Tanks

Hydraulic Oil Tanks

Big, small, wide thin, short or long, we can pretty much design and build a hydraulic oil tank to suit any requirement. At Priden, we offer the widest range of hydraulic oil tanks which we are confident will fit any space or be suitable for any application. Our experience means we know that every customer’s requirement is different, so this why we are flexible and able to offer a bespoke design to meet your ever changing needs. Plus, our state-of-the art factories means that we can deliver on any size order, even if it’s a unique bespoke one-off, or a job lot for OE Manufacturers.

Priden has manufactured oil tanks for everything and anything including road transport vehicles,  coaches and buses, offshore, military and railway applications.  We have even produced larger tanks for the mining industry!

Rest assured, we only use the best quality material, accessories and components. As standard all our tanks come with the necessary extras, such as  the mounting brackets, stainless steel straps and rubbers where applicable. Our hydraulic oil tanks are designed to the highest possible standards and tested rigorously so that when they leave our workshop we know they are 100% efficient.

Our expertise in this field means we are confident in knowing our tanks can meet all your commercial vehicle requirements. We can manufacture to suit the space available or to a pre-existing design.

Our teams of highly-skilled engineers and designers work round the clock  to ensure that all our tanks are manufactured to order and can be supplied within the week. In addition to this we also sell a whole range of oil tank accessories such as oil caps, replacement hoses, ball valves, weld on flanges, and an array of hydraulic fittings.

We have the team, skillset and determination to make it happen.


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