In Cab Accessories

In Cab Accessories

We know life on the road can be hard, inconvenient and expensive. Endless hours travelling up and down the UK or across the EU, night after night away from home and all without your much-loved creature comforts. At Priden we know your cab literally becomes a home away from home, which is why we can work with you to provide all those little extra essentials which can help to make life on the road just that little bit easier.

Our engineers and designers are always coming up with new innovative ways to fit in those life essentials inside your cab, without compromising on space. So if you want a fridge or a microwave or even an oven- no problem – we can find a way to make it happen and of course ensure that the equipment works perfectly with your truck’s electrical systems.

To be honest,  there really isn’t anything we can’t install – although the kitchen sink might get us scratching our heads for a while. But seriously, our experienced teams have fitted a whole range of in-cab products, from microwave ovens to digital TVs and CB Radios. We know these little extras make financial sense. Having everything you need to cook a good meal in your cab, means there’s no need to trawl the motorway looking for the next services to grab a bite to eat.  It all helps to save money and it might even help the waistline – although that’s not something we can guarantee.

So if there’s something you think you’d love to have inside the cab – give our team a call, we might just be able to make it a reality and help those long journeys away from home just that little bit less painful.


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