Truck & Bus Type Approval

Truck and Bus Type Approval

Since full introduction of the European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) system in 2014, specialist Priden teams have worked tirelessly to ensure all of our vehicles types and testing systems meet the standards set for Type Approval.

For the uninitiated, the European vehicle approval scheme is based on the concept of ‘type approval’ and provides a mechanism for ensuring manufactured components, devices and vehicle types meet or excel relevant environmental, safety and security standards. It is not practical to test every single vehicle manufactured, therefore a representative production vehicle is tested as being representative of the ‘type’ produced.

In (ECWVTA) a number of performance requirements apply to a given vehicle type, ranging from tyres through to exhaust emissions and braking systems. When all system and component approvals are secured, a vehicle type can be considered as a whole by a designated approval body.

In the UK the designated approval body is the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). The VCA is also an accredited management systems certification body, specialising in the automotive industry. ECWVTA provides for vehicle body type approvals through two additional approval routes which employ ECWVTA directives & legislation.

The National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA) system, and the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) systems, enable lower numbers of vehicle body types and installations to be approved for registration and use within the UK. The VCA retains responsibility as the designated approval body for the NSSTA route to approval, and the UK DVSA is responsible for approval of individual vehicles through the IVA route.

In ECWVTA & NSSTA a manufacturer has to qualify for inclusion in the Type Approval process by regular demonstrations to the ‘designated approval body’ that it’s manufacturing systems and process controls meet and continue to support, ongoing ‘Conformity of Production’ requirements.

Essentially the VCA audits process controls in accordance with the latest applicable legislation and approved specifications. Successful audits enable ongoing registration as a VCA approved company.

Priden has secured Type Approval on a range of vehicle associated devices and systems, and a wide range of vehicle body types, including rigid types, trailer vehicle types, and tractor units.

Priden capabilities include, but are not limited to, type approval of the manufacture and installation of fuel tanks, & type approved vehicle body types including, curtain-side, box van, platform, & dropside vehicle bodies, plus crane installs, tractor units and trailers. Vehicle type approvals enables Certificate(s) of Conformity (CoC) to be supplied which correspond with each vehicle produced within a specific vehicle type approval.

Supply of a corresponding vehicle type CoC enables registration of a completed vehicle type for use on the road.
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